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Achieve high yield while assuming minimal risk.

Gorjian Acquisitions invites all investors, both individuals and firms alike, to join us in growing our portfolio! With consistent deal-flow, and assets varying by asset class, geographic market, and capitalization, there is a deal that’s right for everyone.


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Boasting a variety of real estate investment offerings that cater to individual and institutional investors alike, Gorjian Acquisitions structures capital stacks on a deal-by-deal basis, rather than facilitating investment via fund based capital raising.

As both investors and co-sponsors have come to recognize, our investment strategy emphasizes the following unique principles:


Building a portfolio diversified in both asset class and geographic market.

Adding Value

Participating in acquisitions with varying levels of value-add work required.

Capital Stack Flexibility

Structuring of our capital stack varies based on the opportunity being considered, as does the position we choose to assume.

Staffed with in-house acquisitions associates, Gorjian monitors both on and off market deals, while strategically targeting those worth pursuing, in a pro-active yet cautious manner. With a track history closing several transactions per month, Gorjian offers their partners with and regular opportunities to participate in a diverse assortment of deals.

Tech Solutions
Gorjian’s investors & lenders enjoy access to the Gorjian Investor Portal, with real time access to review the performance of their holdings and review upcoming deals that are in the fundraising stage.